For tweens-to-infinity craving a fun mystery adventure!
by Josh Eber
What evil lurks in your mobile device?
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It’s 2009, smartphones are fairly new, and Jeffrey James — an almost-13-year-old from Iowa — is living out his dream: visiting California for the first time! Los Angeles, to be exact.

Only before he knows it, he, his cousin, and a friend find themselves immersed in a major mystery involving his new phone. Strange texts start popping up pointing them to places where bad stuff then happens. Accidents, fires, crimes — events that couldn’t be staged.

And despite their best efforts to give the kid from the boonies a memorable tour of LA, as the texts get weirder and scarier, their search for answers grows more dangerous.

Complicating things, this is not exactly a trio of ace detectives. Not even close. Jeffrey’s spent most of his life reading books and watching Jeopardy! His cousin Margaret hates pretty much everyone. And their new friend Diana — whom Jeffrey met on the plane — is rich, beautiful and bored (though, with her own limo driver, she does provide excellent transportation).

Now what could possibly go wrong?

Full of heart, humor, and brain-twisters, and set against a backdrop of LA landmarks and sun-kissed beaches, what begins as an exciting travel adventure soon morphs into a scary thrill ride.

So buckle up for a page-turning mystery you won't forget!

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